Who Are We?

Antioch Missionary Baptist Church was organized in 1894 by Reverend A. Venerable and 85 members from Live Oak Baptist Church.  In December of the same year, the pastor and members purchased Lot 412, Block 57 at 527 Forsythe Street in Beaumont, Texas.  In 1896 the first sanctuary was erected.  Rev. R. T. Pullum became pastor in 1896 and served until 1898.

In 1901, Reverend M.E. Robinson accepted the call to Pastor Antioch. He was committed to community education and the mission of the church.  Antioch became a member of State and National Associations under Reverend Robinson’s leadership.   In 1923 the first unit of a two story brick edifice was erected at 527 Forsythe Street. 

Reverend W. S. Brent became the fourth pastor.  There was tremendous growth during his tenure. He served from 1929 to 1934, during which time the second unit of the church was built.  The first baptistery was installed, and the congregation was organized into auxiliaries and departments.

Reverend Levi Stanmore accepted the pastorate in 1934 and provided leadership until 1937.

In 1938, Reverend Raymond H. Johnson accepted the spiritual call to pastor Antioch.  He founded the Eastern Progressive Association of which Antioch is still an active member.  Under his guidance, the church purchased a Wurlitzer organ and retired a $28,000.00 mortgage.

Reverend R. E. McKeen was then called to serve as Pastor. During his tenure he served as a tutor and mentor for countless young men who later accepted the call to the ministry. Reverend R. E. McKeen’s tenure ended 1957.

Reverend Edward W. Brown is the only pastor to serve two tenures. During his first tenure in 1958, his administration was characterized as having visions for future growth and development of the church. In 1972-1991, the church purchased 4.03 acres of land (Washington Blvd.), a fifty passenger bus and carpeted the church.

When Revered Brown resigned in 1968, Reverend U. L. Sanders was called to serve as pastor;he served until 1969.  In 1970, Reverend Robert Castle, III was called to serve as pastor and remained until 1971.

In February 1972, Reverend E. W. Brown returned as pastor of Antioch.  The sanctuary on Washington Blvd. was dedicated on July 29, 1973. In 1978, the Education Building was completed and dedicated in memory of Sister Vinnie Bowser. With God’s help and Reverend Brown’s guidance, the church mortgage was retired and a symbolic celebration was held on June 14, 1991. In November 1991, Reverend Brown retired as pastor of Antioch.

Reverend Phillip L. Hodge, Sr., as the twelfth pastor, accepted the call on November 8, 1992. During his administration, many changes were made that resulted in an increase in the membership, revival of several choirs and the BTU program. Reverend Hodge led the congregation in a direction with new programs: New Members’ Orientation class, Youth Explosion Ministry, Fellowship Breakfast, a live Sunday morning Radio Broadcast, and the Tape Ministry.  Additionally, a second organ was purchased and a new sound system was donated.  On July 16, 1995, Reverend Hodge tendered his resignation as pastor.

In 1996, the membership of Antioch Missionary Baptist Church, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, called Reverend John R. Adolph to become its Pastor. Under his leadership, the congregation is learning how to truly live by “the Bible”.  With a diversified membership, more than 50 believers have answered the call to evangelize and dedicate their lives to serve as ministers of the gospel, and over 50 plus new Ministries have been added.  We, as a church are becoming the vision that we proclaim so often.   Membership has grown from 250 to over 7,000.  A Christian daycare center (Noah’s Ark Christian Day Care, Inc.) was established on the grounds (Washington Blvd) in September 1998.  In the year of 2000 the church purchased 20 plus acres on Cardinal Drive to construct a new edifice. We entered the new house of worship December 31, 2005. Pastor Adolph has lead Antioch to a whole new dimension. Homes, under the auspices of Antioch, have been built on newly established streets for low income families, a youth activity center/school has been built and serves as a charter school, an extension church in Baytown has afternoon service every Sunday, and living facilities for senior citizens is soon forthcoming. Antioch morning worship services (7:45a, 9:45a, 11:45a) can be seen each Sunday on Streaming Faith.

As part of mission support, Antioch has an outreach program to aid cities in Africa.  A well has been built in Haiti and we are supporting the building of a church in Ghana. Backpacks and school supplies are sent annually.  Pastor and members have traveled to Haiti, Ghana, and Accra to spread the word and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

We are truly a Christ centered, biblically based, spiritually led church.