Our Vision Statement Church

  • Antioch Missionary Baptist Church is a Christ centered, Biblically based, Spiritually led church, that meets the needs of the total person by:
  • Exalting the Savior
  • Evangelizing the Sinner
  • Equipping the Saved
  • Edifying the Saints and
  • Encouraging every soul
    through administrative excellence by the power of the Holy Spirit in Christ Jesus Our Lord. 

Our Purpose Statement Church
To provide the Golden Triangle with an inclusive Christocentric ministry that effectively meets the needs of the total person; presenting the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in a clear, contemporary, contexualized manner to all. So that persons might encounter the love of God in such a way that it would cause providential purpose to be revealed, pertinent potential to be released, and Divine power to be received; changing the lives of people who will ultimately change the world.