Worship Experiences & Life Applications

What are the worship times?
Sundays:  8:00AM & 10:00AM | Wednesdays: 12noon | Thursdays: 6pm Corporate Prayer & 7pm  Bible Study

What are worship experiences like?
The worship experiences at Antioch include a variety of styles. Our services have aspects of both traditional and contemporary worship elements.

Where can I purchase CDs & DVDs of Dr. Adolph’s sermons?
You can purchase Dr. Adolph’s messages, devotionals, and much more at the Media Ministry window located in the church foyer or you can visit  You may also contact the church at 409-842-3146 and our operations desk administrator will take your order and forward it to the Media Ministry Team.

Can I pay my tithes and offering with a debit card?
Yes, you may utilize your debt card or Paypal account to make contributions on our website at anytime.

Can I watch the worship experiences online?
To view our live broadcast, make sure you visit

What worship ministries or classes are offered to my children on Sundays.
We have a variety of Children/Youth Sunday School sessions as well as Youth Church on Sundays.

I and/or my family would like to be baptized.  What do we do?
You can contact the Church office during regular business hours to begin the process to be baptized. Also, on Sundays, during the appropriate times you can be taking to begin the process.

If I am a new member of Antioch and I am sick, who do I contact?
If you are sick during service, please let an usher know. They will contact the medical ministry personnel who are on duty at each service.  If you are sick outside of service, please call the church business office at 409-842-3146 and your information will be given to our Pastoral Care ministry for prompt follow-up. In general, the Pastoral Care and Deacon Ministries will attempt to visit members who are in the hospital, pray with members and call to check on you.

What do I do if I am a member and go into the hospital?
Call the church business office at 409-842-3146 and share with us all the details and a member of our Pastoral Care or Deacon Ministry will follow up.

I have a death in my family, what should I do?
Please call the church business office at 409-842-3146 and let the church know. Please include information about the deceased member or relative of a member, date of the funeral, location, time, and other pertinent information. The church will communicate to the Deacon Ministry and Pastoral Care Ministry and we will follow up with you.

I am a member and I want to have my wedding at Antioch, what is the process and the cost?
If a member wants to have a wedding at Antioch, they should first download the wedding package form from our website. All the details of the processes and costs are included. If you are unable to download the file, feel free to call the church business office at 409-842-3146. We would be glad to send a package to you.

When is Baptism celebrated?
The ordinance of baptism is observed at the 11:45 service on the 2nd Sunday of every month.

How do I contact the Senior Pastor?
Dr. John R. Adolph can be contacted by one of the following methods:

1. From the Home Page, select “Contact Us”.

2. You may call Antioch at 409-842-3146 and speak with the Administrative Assistant to the Pastor.

What do I do if my address changes?
If your address changes, you can have it updated by one of the following methods:

You may call the church business office at 409-842-3146 and the operations desk administrator will take the update over the phone.  You can also update this information on your weekly giving envelope, or complete the online form at “Contact Us”.

If I am in need of a financial giving statement, who should I contact?
You can get the information by calling the church business office at 409-842-3146.

Connect: How do I get involved?

Do I have to be a member to be active in a ministry?
If you want to attend any ministry event, in general, you do not have to be a member to participate. If you want to be in the leadership of the ministry where you help plan and execute different events, then yes, you should be active member or watch-care member to participate.

How do I become involved?
To become more involved, fill out an Interest Card in New Members class, or contact the Church office at 409-842-3146.

How can I connect at Antioch?
First, during the Decision Time process, you will meet several members of the church; during this process, you will be asked to attend the New Members Orientation class. Second, a member of the New Members ministry will contact you. Third, in the New Members class, you will be introduced to other new members who have recently joined the church. Fourth, as you join a ministry, you will be introduced to other members in the church. Fifth, as you take discipleship classes, worship regularly on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, and become active, you will meet other members.

How long is the New Membership Orientation?
There are 4 modules that must be completed for new believers/members.

Are we allowed to rent space in the facilities?
Antioch will allow space to be rented for weddings, dinners, retirement celebrations, showers, etc.. Questions regarding any other use of the facilities should be directed to the church business office at 409-842-3146. Contact us for the facility request form or download it from our website.